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The DPO.Business Data Protection Toolkit has been developed through practitioner work with a wide range of customers.

The templates and checklists are tried and tested, to cover data protection and information security. They've even been reviewed and approved by multiple legal, privacy, security, risk and compliance teams, and business leaders.

Used with the DPO.Business advisory services, these tools can greatly accelerate risk and compliance programmes.

The toolset includes:

  1. Data Protection and Information Security Policies.
  2. Risk and decision logs.
  3. Data Privacy Notices and Cookie Notices.
  4. Training and awareness materials, including online courses, tests, handouts, desktop images and screensavers.
  5. Data Protection Impact Assessment templates.
  6. Standard contract addendums and checklist.
  7. Data Subject Request procedure and logs.
  8. Breach procedure and log.
  9. Assurance framework and plan.

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