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Data breaches tend to happen in one of two ways. The first is from an external hacker attacking your systems. The second, which is perhaps more common and more irritating, is personal data that is lost by your own staff through email.

In many cases, staff were looking to send an email to a colleague or BCC a mailing list. But, time-and-time again, the email accidentially gets sent to the wrong person. Any personal data in the email has now been compromised. It is so easy to do. Even more concerning, many organisations will have multiple layers of defences to stop the hackers, but rely on staff diligence to not make a mistake with emails. All too often, that has simply not been good enough.

Hades Secure Email integrates with Office 365 Outlook, to notify users if they have potentially tried to send an email in error, and lets them correct any problems before the email is sent.

Hades also includes various notices within the email system to help staff improve their awareness, further reducing the chance that they will click on malicious links or attachments, or fall foul of a legitimate looking Phishing (fake email) attack. This can also be backed up with DPO.Business data protection training to instill those key messages.

Reduce the chance that your company will be the next data breach headline.

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