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You found a dodgy link!

A key component of data security training and awareness is to reduce the risk of staff falling for Phishing attacks.

Phishing is used by hackers and fraudsters to deploy malware onto visitor's devices when they visit a compromised website, or to obtain their username and password by mimicking a genuine website.

They may also use scams like "extreme malware detected on your machine, pay here to scan and fix." or "we have just taken all the data off your computer. Pay here or we will share it." CLICK HERE for an example

You may have arrived at this page using our unsecure short url https://goo.gl/DSAFZk, our unsecure QR code (below), or one of our "Ethical Phising" test emails.

Unsecure suspect QR code Phish

The DataGRC Phishing Training Module allows employees to be tested while they're doing their day job, in the same way that a real Phishing link would appear when not expected. It's the best way to learn.

The DataGRC redirect webpages (like this one) then capture the details of who has clicked a link, which link it was, when they clicked it, on what device, and what they did on the website. All content can be updated to fit with company requirements. Management reports are then made available to assess higher risk areas and improvements over time.

For Phishing itself, the approaches keep getting more realistic and covering more platforms. Variants now including Smishing (SMS Phishing), Vishing (Voice phone call Phishing), Spear Phishing (advanced, highly targeted Phishing) and Whaling (attacking particularly big Phish - CEO, CFO, etc.).

For more information, or a trial of our Phishing test module, contact us now:

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