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cyber security governance

5 March 2019

2018 UK FTSE 350 Cyber Governance Health Check.

The 2018 cyber governance health check of the UK's 350 top businesses, released March 2019, suggests:

  1. 72% of boards consider their cyber risk is high or very high, compared with 54% in 2017.
  2. Only 12% of boards had a comprehensive understanding of their critical assets.
  3. Only 16% of boards understood the potential impact of cyber events.
  4. The boards that had a better understanding of cyber threats had more extensive cyber governance practices.
  5. 71% of boards recieve up-to-date and robust updates. Only 53% thought it was comprehensive.
  6. That 53% increased to 72% where the CISO reported directly to the board. There was no mention of the DPO and their impact on personal data security!
  7. 96% had a cyber security strategy; 88% had strategies that were challenged by the the board. 60% had an agreed risk appetite. 46% had a dedicated budget to deliver the strategy.
  8. 77% said boards were more engaged on cyber security due to GDPR, while over 50% had increased security measures as a result.
  9. 73% of boards use advice from the Government, with 53% using the NCSC 10 Steps to Cyber Security.
  10. 95% had a cyber incident response plan, but only 57% tested the plan on a regular basis. 1 in 4 had engaged external resource to assess the plan, and 1 in 5 had run a crisis simulation.
  11. 73% recognise the risk from third parties, but only 23% recognised the risk from parties that are further down the supply chain

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cyber security governance