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Under article 30 of the EU GDPR (Records of Processing Activities), companies are legally obliged to keep formal documentation about their processes that handle personal data. Article 35 requires formal documentation of Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) and article 5(2) requires formal documentation of Legitimate Interest Assessments.

While smaller organisations are using spreadsheets, these can quickly become unwieldy, complicated and unusable.

Athena provides a simple online platform to record and maintain:

  1. Records of Processing Activities.
  2. Legitimate Interest Assessments.
  3. Data Protection Impact Assessments.
  4. Security event and breach records.

The systems are based around ICO guidance and extensive experience of the DPO.Business practitioners.

Athena also:

  1. Provides management information reports, covering which assessments have been completed or require review.
  2. Uses highly secure and resilient data centres in the UK, or can be hosted locally by the business.
  3. Is fully scalable.
  4. Provides segregated access controls, so that individuals can only view data relevant to their role.
  5. Provides governance mechanisms for approvals and periodic reviews.

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